You can easily assemble a tulip table yourself. Due to the weight of the (larger) table tops, an extra pair of hands is useful. Follow the following steps to prepare the table for use.

Step 1: Remove the base and tray from the packaging. It is best to remove the wooden slats around the cardboard packaging with a claw hammer. Watch out for the nails.

Step 2: Place the base on the floor where you want to use the table. Place the supplied rubber rings on top of the holes in the base.

Step 3: Place the table top (with the screw holes facing down) on top of the base. Look from the bottom to see if you can see the screw holes in the top through the holes in the base.

Please note: some marble table tops are very heavy. A lot of muscle strength is required to lift it onto the foot. Then you can always ask for help (see below!).

Step 4: Once a screw hole is visible, loosen it with a supplied screw and Allen key. Then move on to the next hole. A total of 4x. Then tighten all screws hand-tight and the table is ready for use.

Need help?

Would you like to sit back and relax while we take care of everything? We can assemble the table for you! Assembly is an optional extra during delivery. Select this option at checkout, and upon delivery we will unpack the product, assemble it where you want it and then recycle all the packaging.