What are cookies

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your PC, tablet or smartphone. We use cookies, for example, to keep track of statistics and to display advertisements. You can disable these cookies via the browser settings, but this may make the website work less well.

By using this website you consent to the use of cookies. If you do not want to receive cookies from us, we request that you completely remove the cookies from our website via your browser settings and no longer visit the website. Give us a call and we will tell you all about our products. You can also place an order by telephone or make an appointment to visit our showroom.

We use the following cookies:

1. Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website.

2. Analytical Cookies

Anonymized data about surfing behavior is collected via Google Analytics. This way we can see how visitors like you use the website and improve the website on that basis.

3. Advertising cookies

We use the Google advertising network and we also use cookies for this. Through these cookies we can view information such as your IP address or browser. This information is used to show relevant advertisements. For example, specific products that you have viewed on our website.

4. Tracking cookies

Our advertising partners can use tracking cookies to follow further surfing behavior so that you only see relevant advertisements.

Why do we use cookies?

By using cookies we can improve our website. Our advertising campaigns are also becoming better and cheaper due to the insights. This way we can keep our prices low.