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Black tulip dining tables

View our collection of tables with a plain matte black top and leg here. You can choose between a round or an oval model table. The edges of the tables have a beautiful facet finish, which creates a floating effect. The tables are inspired by the well-known design by Eero Saarinen, the Tulip table.

Matte black is the trend

Matte black is the interior color of the moment. Whether you are looking for a new door, a new faucet or a new table, matt black items are a sought-after option. It is tough and chic at the same time. Our wooden tables have a matt finish. This creates peace and space. The edges of the tables are facet cut, which gives a light and floating effect. The tables are suitable for both home and office. The strong matte coating on the top and on the leg gives a wonderfully luxurious look.

How sensitive are black tables?

Black is a tricky color when it comes to dust, smudges and scratches. You can see everything on it, especially in daylight. This also applies to minor scratches that occur through normal use. That is why we have chosen to provide all black tables with a matt finish. That gives the table a little more shine, but as far as we are concerned, a black sprayed table needs this finish to remain beautiful.