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Marmeren Tulp
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Assemble a tulip table
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Assemble a tulip table

You can easily assemble a tulip table yourself. Due to the weight of the (larger) table tops, it is advisable to call in a few extra hands for this. When assembling a marble table, a third person is not an unnecessary luxury.

Step 1

Place the foot on the floor at the desired location in the room.

Step 2

Place the supplied rubber rings on top of the holes in the base.

Step 3

Then you place the leaf on top of the foot. Look from the bottom to see if you can see the screw holes of the tabletop through the holes in the base.

Step 4

As soon as a hole is visible, loosen and tighten it with the supplied screw and Allen key. Then move on to the next hole. A total of 4x. Then tighten all screws by hand and the table is ready for use.

Need help?

Our tables are not assembled as standard. However, this is possible at an additional cost of 60 euros. Then the packaging materials are also taken away by the drivers and you can immediately go to the table.

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