About Marble Tulip

Where it started

Marble Tulp was started in 2020 by Ruud & Judith. Ruud has many years of experience in selling various products via web shops. Judith has a passion for everything that has to do with living and furnishing. Together they jumped into the deep end; an old warehouse in Eemdijk was rented and a first order was placed. A few months later the tables arrived and the shed was put into use. Sales in the Netherlands and Belgium started. The web shop was getting better and better and sales took flight. Time for Ruud to start working full-time for Marble Tulp. A year later, Judith made the same decision.

The warehouse

More and more interested people want to visit the warehouse to see the tables in real life. Logical because despite the competitive prices, it remains quite an expense to purchase a design table. It was decided to display a number of tables in the warehouse so that interested parties could still come by by appointment. That was (in most cases) a success. It may not be a beautiful showroom, but you can see what you are buying. Moreover, as a customer you know that you do not pay for the storage or showroom, but especially for the product! So if you want to visit Eemdijk yourself, please contact us to schedule an appointment.


As more tables were sold, it became increasingly difficult to streamline logistics. We worked with different drivers and transport companies, not all of whom were familiar with our products and working methods. One of those drivers were Michel and his co-driver Gerwin. Remarkably many positive reactions were received about these talkative cheerful drivers. The logical consequence was that the gentlemen soon became a permanent part of the team. From the end of 2020, all our tables in the Netherlands and Belgium will be delivered by Michel and his co-driver.

Our philosophy

Of course we have the ambition to grow as a company. But more importantly, we think that Marble Tulp is and remains a great company. Not only for our customers, but also for our suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. We focus on those relationships because we believe that growth will then come naturally. This requires clear positive communication and clear agreements. And sometimes that also means that we have to go quite far to satisfy our customers. Do you still have suggestions on how we can do this even better? Then we'd love to hear from you.

CSR policy

Thousands of children die every day from the effects of poverty. Unfortunately, there are still children in the world who have to work (under appalling conditions) and cannot go to school. We cannot let that happen and that is why we support the Help A Child Foundation. This Christian organization gives a future to children in poverty, their families and their entire environment.

Specifically, we contribute to a village project in Bomet, Kenya. The aim of the project is to bring about growth. As the project progresses, you see how parents earn a higher income, children go to school more often and young people regain perspective in their lives. Within five to seven years, the population should become fully self-sufficient and the opportunities for children and young people should be significantly improved. We are happy to contribute to this! For every order via our website, we therefore donate € 10 to the project. Together we can make a difference. More about this wonderful project and the results can be found on the website www.redeenkind.nl.