Delivery time

Varies by table

Our delivery times vary per product. These delivery times can be found on the various product pages. However, the delivery time may be shorter than indicated if the delivery address fits into one of the already planned delivery routes. A longer delivery time hardly occurs.

Delivery process

To order

You place the order via our website. You can include any details regarding the delivery location or delivery day in the comments field. Immediately after completing the order, an order confirmation will be sent by e-mail. Check whether all name and address details have been entered correctly.

To coordinate

A few days after the order has been placed, you will be contacted by telephone to coordinate the exact delivery date.

Arrival time

On the agreed delivery day, the delivery person will contact you by telephone one hour before arrival to indicate his expected arrival time.


Our colleagues Michel and Gerwin deliver the table across the threshold on the agreed day. If you have chosen to also have the table mounted, they will also carry out that work. In that case, they also dispose of all packaging materials.



Our products are of very high quality. If there is something wrong with the table, there is a 2-year full warranty. Please contact us immediately if something is not to your liking. We will make sure that you will be completely satisfied again!